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I just ordered a bunch of Eerie Indiana books, written by Mike Ford, Robert James and John Peel. I've been thinking about getting them for a while now but hesitated mainly because I'm not sure if Dash X will be in them. But I have to remind myself that I love everything about Eerie. It's just that, he kinda eclipses everything from time to time by being so larger than life and intriguing and everything.

Half of the books are dispatched from Indiana (bonus!) and the other half from the UK. Some of the new books were as expensive as £140 (about $200!!!) so I got mine all used for 1 pence each :)

They arrive in about two weeks, can't wait to read them, I'll post some reviews once I do :>

((I just read a review and someone mentioned that Dash is in at least one of the books))

Lost Night, Ch. 2

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:51
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Title: Lost Night, Chapter 2
Author: eerieslash
Characters: Dash, Mars, Simon
Rating: G
Summary: Marshall and Simon have gone to Marksville to search for clue's to Dash's identity.

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Title: Reality Takes A Break
Author: eerieslash
Characters: Dash, Mars
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dash and Mars are having trouble knowing what's real...

October, 1993

Dash awoke with a smile on his face, a first ever since waking up in Eerie for sure. He closed his eyes and replayed the night's events in his mind.
      He had absolutely no idea what led him to want to kill himself. Couldn't even remember where he got the rope. Irrelevant information considering the outcome.  

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I haven't watched Eerie, Indiana for a few weeks now, just reading fan-fiction and working on some stories.

I've been a huge Maniac Mansion fan for ages (the Nintendo game, not the series), and I'm working on a story where Mars, Simon, and Syndi's boyfriend Dave have to rescue Syndi from the dungeon. But of course as always the focus is on Dash/ know Dash is gonna be hiding in there somewhere!

I've been in bed with a cold for the past 48 hours so I might as well write..there's only so many Poirot reruns a girl can watch!

Also I feel sooo alone here, is everybody over Eerie, Indiana or what? If you read, please comment and let me know if you have any ideas for stories, I will write :)
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I don't know what it is (yeah I do), but I've become officially obsessed with Eerie Indiana.

This isn't the first time. I was pretty much obsessed with it when I was 9, and again when it re-aired when I was about 13. Growing up in a haunted house where weird stuff was always happening, having one or two close friends I could investigate with, and being a total outcast, I could relate to Marshall.

Well this is how it happened. 2 years ago I had to undergo an operation. You've heard stories of people waking up with Chinese accents or missing a chunk of their memory, well something weird happened to me too. I was in Europe, but I thought I was in the middle of the forest in my hometown (not in Europe). For about 2 weeks, I kept forgetting my age. I felt like I was 13 again. I caught myself stopping to watch people skateboard on the street, and all these old memories started flooding back to me: people's names at school that I hadn't thought of since I was about 15. I remembered Eerie Indiana. I desperately wanted to rewatch it.

So since then I've been pretty hooked. I rewatched it again in April, but it wasn't enough. I had never read fan fiction before, but I found myself desperately needing more of the Eerie universe.

Naively, I didn't know what slash fiction was. I'd never heard of slash before.

The first thing I read was this, by solarbaby614.
Then I was totally silent for a few seconds. "I had never thought of this before", I thought.
Then I realised the brilliance of it. It
And then I was totally hooked.
And I found God's very own gift to the Eerie Indiana fandom, chibimarchy's fanfiction masterpost. 
And so I read, and reread.

I figured the obsession would wear off after a few weeks, but no. And judging by the dates between the Eerie fics out there, I'm not alone. This appears to be a long-term, possibly life-long obsession. So I embrace my fate as a girl impossibly obsessed with Eerie Indiana (and Dash X in particular, big shocker there) and vow to continue watching, reading and writing the Eerie universe.

The Love Potion - 5

NSFW Wednesday, 25 April 2012 17:29
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