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I just ordered a bunch of Eerie Indiana books, written by Mike Ford, Robert James and John Peel. I've been thinking about getting them for a while now but hesitated mainly because I'm not sure if Dash X will be in them. But I have to remind myself that I love everything about Eerie. It's just that, he kinda eclipses everything from time to time by being so larger than life and intriguing and everything.

Half of the books are dispatched from Indiana (bonus!) and the other half from the UK. Some of the new books were as expensive as £140 (about $200!!!) so I got mine all used for 1 pence each :)

They arrive in about two weeks, can't wait to read them, I'll post some reviews once I do :>

((I just read a review and someone mentioned that Dash is in at least one of the books))

21/1/13 19:53 (UTC)
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Dash appears in books two and four. Personally, I found him out of character, but then my view of him may be skewed by my fondness for him.

21/1/13 22:15 (UTC)
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hmm, what was his character like in the books? that's too bad as I heard Mike Ford did a pretty good job at keeping the books true to the series :/

21/1/13 22:52 (UTC)
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The books that had Dash in them were written by John Peel.

I don't want to spoil the books, but there is an incident where Dash had a chance to find out more himself, but persued money instead. While I don't disagree that Dash would try and get money, I think he would have tried to solve the riddle of himself first, before taking advantage of the situation for monetary gain.

Btw, I'm reading through your stories and enjoying them greatly. ^_^

22/1/13 08:15 (UTC)
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Thanks Yarol!! Really glad you like them:):)

I think you're right about that, based on the series Dash would've gone for clues to his identity instead of money. Oooh I'm getting so excited about reading the books!!

21/1/13 23:01 (UTC)
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OMG! I had no idea these existed! I hope you review them after you read!

22/1/13 08:18 (UTC)
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Indeed I will! ;) Can any of us really get enough of Eerie? How awesome that they have books to keep us engrossed in the Eerie universe. If only they had the more 'slashy' variety my life would be complete :D

22/1/13 13:47 (UTC)
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DUDE! So totally excited to hear all about these! Read quick!

22/1/13 22:07 (UTC)
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Me too I can't wait!! I'm more excited to read more fic from you guys though, especially after hearing that the authors didn't quite get Dash's character right!

22/1/13 19:21 (UTC)
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I actually had a bunch of these (I think they're all still with my cousin back home). From what I remember, the ones by Peel were the best, but I agree that Dash is kind of... OOC in those books.

Okay, so I too might be skewed by all my headcanon, but oh well. And there's a Christmas-themed book, which is something I always wanted in the show. Sigh.

22/1/13 21:57 (UTC)
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Yeah I can't wait to read the Christmas-themed one. I really loved your Eerie Christmas and New Year's fics you wrote :) Maybe these authors didn't get Dash because they were all straight men who couldn't (or didn't want to) see past the surface? I mean, God he's gorgeous! :>


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