Lost Night, Ch. 2

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:51
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Title: Lost Night, Chapter 2
Author: eerieslash
Characters: Dash, Mars, Simon
Rating: G
Summary: Marshall and Simon have gone to Marksville to search for clue's to Dash's identity.

From the moment he left Eerie, Marshall couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched. It didn't help that Simon wouldn't stop talking, either. He was a good kid and all, but right now Marshall just needed some time to hear himself think.

      They found it; 100 Wizards Bookstore, the biggest occult bookstore in Indiana. The bell chimed as they walked in, but nobody was inside to welcome them.

      The room was huge, dark and dusty. Simon coughed and pounded his chest. Marshall dug out the heavy-duty flashlight from his backpack and panned the light over the floor.

      A pair of staircases curved up either side leading to another story, and he could just about make out a narrow staircase leading downstairs at the back of the room. 

      They spun around as they heard the shuffling of feet and a light flick on. 

      "Welcome, boys. Did I startle you?' an elderly man approached them, looming over them like an old Santa figure. 'I do apologize, I seem to be getting a bit scatterbrained in my old age. Forgot to turn on the light again,' he added as he turned and scuttered back towards the counter to fumble with a stack of receipts.

      "We were hoping you could help us. See, we came all the way from Eerie and Mr. Radcliffe told us you'd be the one to speak to about -"

      "Oh, yes. Mr. Radcliffe! Heh, I remember when he was your age, used to come in here collecting Lily Horror comics. He had very particular tastes."

      "Radcliffe is from Marksville?"

      The old man ignored his question. "Well, what did you come here for, boy? Spit it out!"

      Simon raised an eyebrow.

      "This and this."

      He laid out two photos of Dash's hands - taken with his secret spy camera once while he was shoplifting at the World O' Stuff.

      Twinkling eyes peered up at Marshall through bushy white brows and a hushed voice croaked, "Ah, yes. Yes," before disappearing into the back room through a wall of amber beads.

      Simon glanced up at Marshall, puckering his bottom lip in curiosity. Marshall let out a long sigh of apprehension.

      The old man appeared a few moments later holding a yellowed page. "This is what you're looking for, I presume."
                                       Aerivulpae Seditis

      "You may use the study area in the back. I have some work to attend to."

      Once, he had been driven towards the answers no matter the cost or the conclusion. Now, he almost didn't want to find out what the + and - on Dash's hands meant at all. If the answer was bad, if it would hurt him...would he even tell Dash, if there was a possibility of him getting hurt? He was such an asshole, and yet he could sense a hidden vulnerability about him that he felt bound to protect.

      He could never let him know how much trouble he'd gone to for him.
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